Innovative Healthcare Companies

Antimicrobial Tech for Implants

Paul Chirico, CEO
16 patents founded upon galvanic interactions between platinum and silver creating a silver ionic cloud that inhibits all bacteria. It will be used in many verticals of implantable devices.

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Asthma Diagnostics

Solomon Ssenyange, PhD; CEO
Pinpoint allergic asthma treatments in seconds. Proactive, preventive treatment decisions for asthmatic patients: Fenom Pro™.

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Anti-Hypertension & Migraine

Simon Yi, CEO
New device and technology to reduce hypertension by placing the device over the carotid artery for only 5 min.

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New Precision Laser Scalpal

Ken Arnold, CEO
A new laser with the most precise cutting that is FDA approved Class II devise for Head and Neck procedures. Clinical trials in Australia. Now approaching commercialization.

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AI Powered Remote Monitoring

Saeed Azimi, CEO
DynoSense provides life-enhancing products and services through an accurate, secure, and simple to use AI Powered Data Analytics platform.

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EzeBrush Revolutionary

Michael Ziadeh, CEO
EzeBrush, the ultra-portable oral health care system that marries technology with elegance in a state-of-the-art and amazingly convenient solution.

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Identity Platform for Healthcare

Jose Bolanos, MD; CEO
Our patented Nimbus-Key System and App provides secure identity management, fraud prevention, control of medical information, communication and blockchain integration. Coming is a new NT coin as a payment system for healthcare.

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Comprehensive Care Platform

Aaron Duerksen, CEO
Vizi Healthcare is a digital platform-as-a-service and financially partners with health care entities carrying capitated risk serving Medicare and Medicaid populations.

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Cervical Cancer Dx / Biomarkers

Peter Gombrich, CEO
A novel paradigm of protein biomarker-based detection of high-risk HPV and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN2+), precursors to invasive cervical carcinoma.

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