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Jose Bolaños MD

Jose Bolaños MD

Focused on healthcare innovation and visionary science.  The future is truly inspiring with advances in genomics, personalized medicine, digital health, medical devices and blockchain startups.  This has been his major passion this past decade, helping innovative healthcare startups to succeed.

Dr. Bolaños was born in El Salvador and came to the United States at a very early age.  His education started at USC as a biomedical engineer, then UC Irvine where he obtained his BS in biology.  He then went on to medical school at UC Davis.  He spent one year in Springfield Massachusetts doing his internship in Internal Medicine at Baystate Medical Center.  He then went on to Stanford Medical Center to complete his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

He went on to join Dr. Vincent Nola to advance his knowledge in fertility treatment. Later he started his own medical practice and provided women’s healthcare to the Santa Clara Valley region for almost 25 years.  During this time he delivered over 5,000 babies, performed thousands of surgeries and help couples with infertility with great success.  He provided the best medical care for women wanting to conceive and later to provide guidance for a healthy pregnancy.

While at UC Davis, he conducted research on cryopreservation of human sperm and in collaboration with the Veterinary School.  He discovered a new formula for preserving and “super-capacitating” human sperm even when frozen at 0 degrees C for 48 hours.  He published these studies in Fertility and Sterility in 1983.

TES-T Yolk buffer publication

Thereafter, during his years in practice, he would use this TYB buffer (produced by Irvine Scientific) to capacitate husband’s sperm prior to IUI.  He devised advanced methods for promoting ovulation in patients, timing with ultrasound evaluation and BBT monitoring.  When the BBT would surge on day 13-17, that is when the IUI would be performed.  This lead to a very successful therapy for most patients.

As for assisting patients to deliver healthier babies, he discovered that many women had very low ferritin levels.  This would lead to infertility, threatened miscarriage, preterm birth and poor fetal growth.  Ferritin is an indicator of iron stores in the body, a level of 20 or less was associated with all of the complications cited above.  When a level of 75 was observed, babies grew at the 50% percentile in utero and a good birth outcome would be the norm.  This lead to a recommendation that all women should be on a single prenatal vitamin and one iron tablet daily at least 6 months prior to conception.

He has been a gynecologic surgeon during his years in practice and was adept at hysteroscopy, ultrasound, laparoscopy and advanced surgical techniques in treating endometriosis and many complex conditions.

He left medical practice in 2009 to pursue a “new enlightenment” by becoming an investor and advisor to innovative healthcare startups in Silicon Valley.  First as a member of Keiretsu Forum and later as the Founder of Venture-Med Angel group.  He has assisted many other angel groups and VCs in assessing the quality of many startups.

He is currently the CEO of a healthcare IT company called Nimbus-T.  The focus of the company is providing secure patient identity management.  Today your identity is one of the most important things and your healthcare information is very personal and valuable.  With the most recent hack of Equifax, we are all now in the hands of hackers.  Nimbus-T has a patent pending technology that will “cloak” your identity with encryption and allow you to manage your own data.

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The healthcare ecosystem is an excellent place to seek new investment opportunities. Your portfolio diversification strategy should include this vertical. We evaluate startups, communicate with CEOs, advise and determine their suitability for investment. The team, experience, IP, market size, strategy and innovative or disruptive nature of the technology. Join our team and let’s talk.

Nimbus Key System

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Nimbus-Key System for Secure Digital ID Management


Connecting with Patients
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Telehealth provides better access to care.

Nimbus-T is providing telehealth services to medical groups, clinics, and hospitals in collaboration with Vsee.  A platform that allows your patient to access care through any mobile or desktop device.

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Hospital Systems Analysis and Upgrades

We have a team with over 20 years experience helping hospitals with integration, analysis, databases, emrs, security, and evaluations to bring you up to compliance and optimal efficiency.  Your most costly expense is your employee salaries, but your employees are your intellectual capital.  If your information systems are slow and inefficient, there goes your capital.  We can help you turn around to a higher level of employee satisfaction which in turn is realized as patient satisfaction.  They are happy and we are happy.

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