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Consulting Services

Secure Identity & Authentication in the Digital World.

Secure Identity SAAS Solution:

Nimbus-Key ID: 

    • Password-less logins with dynamically encrypted IDs.

Securing Employee ID: 

    • Robust protection for employee identity using advanced verification.
    • Enhancing login security through Nimbus-Key ID and encryption.


    • Comprehensive solutions to safeguard against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Custom Solutions: 

    • Tailored cybersecurity solutions addressing unique organizational needs.

Secure SSO (Single Sign-On): 

    • Streamlined and secure access management with single sign-on functionality.

Nimbus-Key ID Integration: SAML / OIDC connect 

    • Seamlessly integrate Nimbus-Key ID for enhanced enterprise security.

Employee Identity Protection: 

    • Ensure a secure digital environment by safeguarding employee identities.

    FinTech Systems:

    • Financial Identity Security: 
      • Protect financial data and transactions with advanced identity solutions.
    • Fraud Prevention: 
      • Implement measures to prevent fraud and unauthorized access.
    • FinTech Cybersecurity: 
      • Robust cybersecurity solutions tailored for FinTech platforms.

    AI Systems:

    • AI Identity Verification: 
      • Incorporate advanced identity verification methods into AI systems.
    • AI Cybersecurity Integration: 
      • Ensure the security of AI algorithms and data with specialized solutions.

    Blockchain Systems:

    • Blockchain Identity Protection: 
      • Secure user identities within blockchain systems.
      • KYC / AML processes
    • Planning Security: 
      • Implementing a new secure identity for cryto secure transactions
      • Encrypting access keys to blockchain NFTs