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Position: CEO
Our Nimbus-Key system delivers a new solution that creates a secure layer of protection and we then begin linking your other healthcare and insurance identities.  This linking provides better access to your health and insurance data.  In addition, we are connecting our system to the Blockchain to provide ownership and transaction visibility on the distributed ledger.  Your identity to protect your information.  Read more…

Position: Managing Director
Venture-Med is an angel investment and advisory group in Silicon Valley. We focus on finding the best and most innovative healthcare startups in the digital health, healthcare IT, medical device, diagnostic biopharma and genomics areas of endeavor.

Position: Advisor
FACT Encryption is an OTP based technology that is impervious to quantum computing.  Current encryption technologies are requiring larger and larger keys because the computing power now allows for cracking of the code.  FACT is truly a new technology that allows for encryption without having to manage public and private keys.  A single 200MB “shared secret” or encryption cube is all that is needed to encrypt a One Time PAD.

Position: Board of Directors
FIRM HCS is lead by Roxroy Barrett, CEO. They are a healthcare investment group that focuses on investment opportunities in the lower middle market. They seek out investments that can establish true collaborative partnerships with business owners and management teams. They adopt, integrate, and scale  tele-health technologies that will lead to a substantial creation of value over a long-term investment horizon.

Position: Investor & Advisor
Paul Chirico is the CEO and has a technology called Galvanis which employs silver and platinum particles to create an ionic cloud of silver and an anti-microbial barrier. This technology is appropriate for all implantable devices within the human body to prevent infection post operatively.

Position: Investor & Advisor
Spirosure, led by Dean Zikria, provides a technology for measuring exhaled Nitric Oxide concentrations in ppb, for monitoring asthma improvement or deterioration. Before there was no way to know when to start or stop inhaled steroids, with this new device, you can accurately determine optimal treatment.

Position: Investor & Advisor
PhysioCue, led by Simon Yi, has a device to now measure blood pressure with finger tip sensors and then treat hypertension. The device has a tip that gets very cold and is applied to the carotid for 5 min once a day. This stimulates the carotid baroreceptors, the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system to decrease heart rate and lower systemic vascular resistance. A clinical study showing 87% of the treatment group had a 10-30 point systolic drop in a progressive manner over 60 day study.

Position: Investor & Advisor
Ezebrush, led by Michael Ziadeh, has a novel toothbrush with a floss and toothpaste cartridge built into a beautiful body. The endeavor or mission is to improve overall health by decreasing the incidence of periodontal disease. This is best accomplished by brushing after each meal to remove all food particles, removing potential focus for bacterial growth.

Position: Investor & Advisor
Precise Light Surgical, led by Ken Arnold, is a company with a new laser for precise surgical cutting. Clinical trials have yielded better patient outcome in sinus surgery with much less blood loss. This is a new device will be a great improvement for other surgical procedures requiring better precision, no smoke,  and less tissue damage.

Position: Investor & Advisor
Oncogenesis DX, lead by Peter Gombrich, is creating a multiplexed point of care device to improve on the Pap smear in detecting cervical cancer risk.

Position: Investor & Advisor
DynoSense, led by Saeed Azimi, is developing the next multi-sensor digital health device to monitor biometrics for chronic illness and maintain the data in the cloud. This device will be like having a nurse at your bedside, at home.

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