Congratulations! Genomic Expression won EIC and got featured in Forbes We were selected as one of 50 European companies to present at EIC Innovators Summit arranged by the EEC specifically for beneficiaries of Horizon2020 SME grants. You can download the booklet here.

Genomic Expression WON the life science category, and have been invited to present at the finals – EVC in December In Dusseldorf.

The exposure resulted in a feature story in Forbes

Genomic Expression has established 4 funded clinical programs validating OneRNA™ in breast, ovarian, colon and bladder cancer.

The bladder cancer study funded by the Horizon2020 program with $4.2M is a big swing at a complete 360 change in managing this disease. Bladder cancer is the most expensive cancer to manage due to the high cost of diagnosis and high recurrence rates of 50-70%. Its a perfect fit for our mission:
“to save lives and make healthcare delivery more effective”

DNA sequencing using panels could improve outcomes in 16% of patents based on published data. We estimate that OneRNA™ can improve outcome in most patients. That is a very strong statement which we obviously need to prove, hense our clinical programs.

We have started to better understand how we could utilize our data to design next generation cancer vaccines and combinatorial immune therapies.

Genomic Expression presented data on how to get great RNA-seq data from FFPE in collaboration with Beckman Coulter. If you missed it you can access it here.

Kind Regards
Gitte Pedersen,
CEO Genomic Expression


Source: Genomic Expression featured in Forbes – WON the EIC award

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