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Canopy Health is an integrated, accountable care network of providers and health systems in the Bay Area.

UnitedHealthcare and accountable care network Canopy Health are expanding their shared portfolio with a new health plan for consumers in northern California, saying they could save members up to 25% on premiums.

The plan, called the California Doctors Plan, will provide “personalized and seamless” customer support as well as the ability for customers to access care from 19 participating medical centers including UCSF, John Muir Health, John Muir Medical Group, Hill Physicians Medical Group, Meritage Medical Network, Santa Clara County IPA and Dignity Health Medical Network Santa Cruz across nine Bay Area counties, officials said in a release.

Canopy Health is an integrated, accountable care network of providers and health systems in the Bay Area.

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“Employers are looking for high-quality, cost-effective health plan solutions, and our collaboration with UnitedHealthcare allows us to bring those to the market quickly,” said Mike Robinson, CEO of Canopy Health, in a statement. “We are pleased to work with a partner like UnitedHealthcare that shares our commitment to improving people’s health and quality of life by providing them a better health care experience.”

UnitedHealthcare and Canopy first partnered in 2017 on the SignatureValue HMO plan aimed at offering flexibility for patients to see a variety of physicians and hospitals across the Bay Area but at a lower premium than a traditional HMO plan.

Earlier this year, they launch the UnitedHealthcare Canopy Health Medicare Advantage plan.

Officials said the new California Doctors Plan will offer plan participants the opportunity to save up to 25% on premiums compared to a traditional PPO offering as well as $0 co-pays for primary care and urgent care, 24/7 telehealth visits and care coordination driven by a patient’s primary care physician.

UnitedHealthcare said it will also develop a dedicated service team for members enrolled in the California Doctors Plan, as well as its other two plans with Canopy, to handle behind-the-scenes coordination on members’ behalf.

The launch is part of an aggressive multiyear plan between Canopy Health and UnitedHealthcare to establish a robust data and analytics infrastructure to support advanced population health and value-based care initiatives.


Source: UnitedHealthcare, Canopy Health partner on health plan in northern California

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